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Easter Sunday at Dumbarton 2015

Leaving Town for a Late-Spring Break

One of the highlights of Dumbarton's year is West River Weekend, a good way to leave the city for relaxation, worship and group discussion. Just an hour's drive from D.C., the retreat lets participants know each other better. The 2015 retreat is scheduled for May 29 through 31.

Friday Night Campfire

At the retreat, Just before the sun goes down, everyone gathers around an open pit not far from the water to sing, roast marshmallows and talk. As the sky darkens, people begin telling stories, some on the scary side.  Kids really love this event. Afterward, adults adjourn for one of "Mike's Marvelous Movies."

Helping Neighbors

Join us for Rebuilding Together on April 25 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This one-day event in Washington DC provides home repairs to low income elderly or disabled homeowners. Dumbarton's team of adult and youth volunteers will work together to clean up the yard, repair gutters, hang blinds and a myriad other home fix-it tasks to help our assigned homeowner do much needed home repair and maintenance work! This is a day well spent helping a needy DC neighbor. Facilitator: Debbie Woodcock Location: Washington, DC United States

Children's Art at Dumbarton

Mary Kay's Easter Sermon

To hear a recording of the sermon, click here.

What Makes a Church? No Steeple Required: By Mittie Quinn

What makes a church? Our travels have taken us literally around the world, to many interesting and unusual places. But our recent trip to New Zealand has made me stop and think about this question. Australia and New Zealand are both countries that are “younger” than the United States, and yet the Aborigines and Maori have been present on those island nations for much longer. The mix of cultures and spiritual encounters yields a blend of “church” experiences for the visitor.

Traditional Maori Wharenui

Our New Music Ministry Director

Our new director of music ministry, A.J. Welch, leads his first choir rehearsal. Our rehearsals will be held at 12:45 p.m. on Sundays. You are invited to sing with us!

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