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Leaving Town for a Late-Spring Break

One of the highlights of Dumbarton's year is West River Weekend, a good way to leave the city for relaxation, worship and group discussion. Just an hour's drive from D.C., the retreat lets participants know each other better. The 2015 retreat is scheduled for May 29 through 31.

Friday Night Campfire

At the retreat, Just before the sun goes down, everyone gathers around an open pit not far from the water to sing, roast marshmallows and talk. As the sky darkens, people begin telling stories, some on the scary side.  Kids really love this event. Afterward, adults adjourn for one of "Mike's Marvelous Movies."

Sunday at Dumbarton

If you are unable to make the Sunday (May 31) service at the West River retreat, you are invited to a prayer service at Dumbarton United Methodist Church Sunday at 11 a.m. It will be led by the Rev. Mark Schaefer.

"Who's On First?" Revs. Mary Kay and Johnsie at Mt. Zion

Click here for the video of their hilarious routine at a joint sermon at Mt. Zion May 24.

Part II of their Pentecost sermon

Singing with Mt. Zion

Depriving ISIS of Oxygen

What can be done to prevent the appeal of ISIS (the so-called Islamic state)?  On May 17, Palestinian-American Nihad Awad was on hand to help Adult Ed wrestle with this question and others like it. Awad is co-founder and executive director of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

"ISIS is an affront to my faith," Awad told Dumbartonians. He pointed out that the violent enterprise is not "Islamic" in any way and should be deprived of its title. According to Awad, ISIS arose gradually out of an absence of leadership..."It appeals to poorly educated people who have been victimized by violence--people who fear 'outsiders' and who yearn for protection, justice, and the rule of law. In towns and villages where ISIS controls the natural resources, most are afraid to build out of fear ISIS will come and destroy it. They don't see American diplomacy, just bombs," Awad said.

Spring at Dumbarton

Why We Can't Afford to Ignore Climate Change - By Elaine Friebele

Climate change is the most serious global environmental problem that we face. Many people find it a difficult idea to grasp, for it is complex, and its effects aren’t easily evident. But it is not an issue that we can afford to ignore.  The quality of future life on earth depends upon our taking action. Ultimately, climate change is an ethical issue.

Measurements have clearly documented that climate change and its consequences are happening right now. The overwhelming consensus among climate scientists is that most of the increase in global temperature is due to human activities, such as burning fossil fuels. If human behaviors do not change, scientists predict calamitous consequences:

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